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The needs of your family have changed over time, and it's time to update your home. If you need to add on to your current home, remodel the interior to add more rooms, or even design your dream custom home from the ground up, our professional team will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.

We are a skilled New Haven remodeling company with a keen eye for detail. Before we begin residential engineering, we consult with you to fully understand the vision of your remodeling project. Our top priority is your satisfaction, which is why our engineers can handle every aspect of the project.

Interior Designing

We share your enthusiasm for houses. Beautiful and long-lasting, but simple enough to relax and think about the rest of the world. Our interior designers will collaborate with you to create a sparkling room that is both chic and unique. When they're finished, you'll probably sound as if you've moved to a completely different house. We will transform your home into whatever you desire. We don't impose our opinions on you; instead, we provide ideas as they arise. If you want to transform your ordinary bathroom into a spa-like retreat, our team can handle everything from demolition to carpentry to plumbing.

Which Contractor To Hire

Knowing the differences between the various styles and specializations of house renovation contractors is essential, especially when it comes time for your major remodel. You want to know what each person has to say and, as a result, what they bring to the table.

Interviewing prospective home construction contractors is still a good idea. But, perhaps most importantly, understanding what you require in the way of a specialist is critical. If you're unsure about the various types of house renovation contractors available, take a look at the terminology and job requirements listed below.

  • The first is a restoration expert. In contrast to a house repair contractor, a construction firm typically deals with large-scale destruction caused by problems such as fires or floods. They are capable of removing water and repairing smoke pollution. In addition to dealing with broader systemic issues that have arisen as a result of a disaster or crisis.
  • The second type of person is a home builder. This is when the majority of homeowners become perplexed. Most people envision an architect as a general contractor for home construction. If you work with a contractor rather than a design-build firm–more on that later–this is what they do; their job is to build or remodel the building.
  • The third type of person is a tradesperson. Contractors in specialized trades, as the name suggests, typically focus on one or two major components of the building. Plumbing, heating, and electrical are examples of specialist trades.

Several companies concentrate on the structural elements of new construction or reconstruction. Carpentry, foundations, and building design also designs sector specialties.

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Please get in touch with New Haven Home Remodel as soon as possible! While it is possible to complete the job on your own, hiring a licensed remodeling contractor is unquestionably the better option. We enjoy assisting our clients in making their concept visions a reality at Home Remodel New Haven. Call or email our team today, and don't forget to schedule an initial meeting.

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